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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Water part 2: How to filter your water

There are many water filters on the market. The most popular would be the brita type of filters, or ones that would be built into your fridge. Are these effective in removing all of the impurities, metals, and chemicals that are found in water? The short answer is no. Some of these may make the taste of the water a bit better, but fall short of purifying your water.

The only filtration systems that I recommend is any reliable reverse osmosis (RO) one. While I don’t doubt that there may be other systems that could also do the trick, the only systems I’m confident of are RO ones.

RO systems push your water through many different filters (typically at least 3-4 of them) to ensure that all impurities are properly removed. I will discuss my experience with ones that I have used and the pros and cons in an upcoming post.

RO filters will ensure that your water is purified, however contrary to popular belief, purified water is also not ideal. Stay tuned for my next post on what to do after you have properly filtered your water.

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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Water part 1: How clean is your water really?

I am going post a 6 multi-part series discussing water (yes there’s that much we can talk about with water!), the most important element for every living being. Our tap water goes through a thorough filtering and treatment process before it arrives to our homes. The message we have been told is that our tap water is safe to drink, but how safe is it really?

Many heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and prescription medications have been known to be found in tap water. The most common heavy metals found are: lead, arsenic, chromium, copper and manganese. Some of these metals in reasonable amounts such as copper and manganese are essential for good health, however others like lead and arsenic are not good for us at all in any amount, regardless what the safety recommendations are. It’s like saying there’s a healthy level of rat poison in your water.

Our water is also treated with chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, and phosphoric acid and we are told that these chemicals are all healthy and beneficial for our water and for us to ingest. There are relatively small amounts of these chemical in our water, which does not cause an immediate alarm to our health, but are these chemicals ideal? Some of these chemicals are known to be neurotoxins, and long-term exposure and ingestion of these may wreak havoc on your health. Just slowly so you won’t link it to your water, like death by a thousand cuts.

Not to worry though, there are many solutions and things we can do to ensure safe, optimal drinking water. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts.

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New sign is in! 🤗🤗🤗 ...

We’ve changed our name! Due to trademark conflicts as well as the commonality of our old name Mint, we have decided to change while we are still early in our business. But the most important reason is because our new name is just that much more fun!

Welcome to pineapple health. Our mission is still the same though, ending all human suffering and turning everyone into a super human!

What’s the biggest predicting factor that you will fail a weight loss program? It’s when you come in with the goal of losing weight!

Contrary to what you believe, if your goal is to lose weight you will likely do things that you perceive to be difficult and painful, but you will endure to meet your goal of however many pounds you have set. However, once (and if) you have met this goal, you will be exhausted from the “uphill climb” that was not sustainable. Once you have crossed this imaginary finish line, you will check off an item on your accomplished goal list, but likely revert back to your old patterns which will not only have you put the weight back on, but likely have you add even more weight that you have before.

This is the classic trap that we see time and time again. How do we succeed for good? Change your focus, change your mindset. If your goal is to be the healthiest version of yourself possible, and we educate and make sustainable shifts in your behavior and mindset, weight will shed off of you whether you want it to or not. Once you understand the healthy mindset, and how much better it makes you look and feel, with no specific target in mind, it will become a part of who you are and what you do. Your life will change in an instant! Once you enjoy being superhuman, you will never go back.

For more information on our virtual weight loss / health optimization program, visit our website page at https://www.minthealthclinic.ca/virtual-weight-loss and join the first group of people currently enrolled who are already seeing drastic changes in the physical and emotional well being.

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Super excited to be reunited with Regan “magic hands” Walker! I started working with Regan 16 years ago, and so thrilled to have this powerhouse back on my team. Regan is an Osteopath and Registered Massage therapist and can fix anything! She is now booking for Saturdays for those that want to come outside of the work week. ...

Thrilled to introduce you to another old colleague of mine @adrianarentonrkin 💪

Registered kinesiologist, personal trainer, and fascial stretch therapist. If you have never tried fascial stretch therapy (FST), you must. You’ll feel 10 feet tall after.

Adriana has literally trained my whole family as I’m very picky on who I let train them. She is simply the best!

Now offering virtual training and FST to come shortly.

New sign is finally up! 🤗🤗 ...

There are many gaps in our health care system, and many people are placed in a chronic pain or illness category that don’t necessarily need to be there.  At Pineapple Health we have compiled a dream team of like-minded and established practitioners of all different disciplines, dedicated to achieving our mission.  While our mission may be bold, we believe it can be achieved if we are able to understand what is really making us ill, and how we can collaborate conventional and alternative treatments to get everyone living their life to its fullest.

All of us health professionals provide insights in addressing certain aspects of our bodies, however treatments may be fragmented as no one health professional has all of the answers, leaving missing pieces in your health care puzzle.  Our collaborative approach incorporating complex case managers, and health coaches ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.  If there’s a solution out there for you, we will be relentless in finding it.

Alleviating your symptoms and conditions is only one side of the coin.  That’s not where we stop.  The other side is not only keeping you pain and disease free, but also understanding what a truly optimized life really looks like.  A life where your body, mind, and soul are operating in its peak form, essentially becoming a super human!

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