Pineapple Health has closed it’s doors as of June 30th, 2022

Contact information of all of our practitioners are listed below

the following practitioners have collaborated their practices and have moved up the street to the Simpson tower at 401 Bay Street (at Queen). To access their new website click below

David Lee

Life / Health /

Executive Coach

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Jumy Kim


TCM Practitioner

Chinese Herbalist

Regan Walker


Registered Massage Therapist

Adriana Renton


Fascial Stretch Therapist

Personal Trainer

Movement Specialist

Shuran Jandu

Registered Massage Therapist

Athletic Therapist

Performance Stretch Therapist

Landyn Quigley

Physiotherapy Resident

Dr. Moira Kwok, and Lief Sosa can be found on their individuals sites below

Dr. Moira Kwok

Naturopathic Doctor

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Lief Sosa

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Retired MD

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