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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca I love the woods! I was in Algonquin this past week-end where I normally go every year, but couldn’t since my daughter was born. Now that she’s old enough, we will be taking her every year.

The more I study optimal health and am fascinated by all the new high tech gear and breakthrough studies, the more we are understanding that all of this high tech stuff is to undo all of the issues we face with modern living.

Much of optimal living is ancestral living, the way God and nature intended for us to live. Being in the woods for a few days I was naturally able to do many bio-hacks which I normally do in the modern world including:

🔹Getting natural sunlight
🔹Fresh air and water
🔹Cryotherapy in the cold lake
🔹Moving all day (not sitting at a desk)
🔹Sleep when it gets dark, get up when it’s light
🔹No artificial blue or LED lights
🔹Calming the mind with no excess noise or stimulation
🔹No EMFs (Electromagnetic Field Radiation) ie wifi or cellular
🔹No social media
🔹No text, emails, or internet
🔹No chemical or metal toxicity

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and high tech gear to live an optimal life. Much of what we need has already been provided for us by nature. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors and take advantage of our beautiful Canadian parks!

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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Today is my 20th Wedding anniversary! It’s a miracle that anyone can stay with me that long. My wife deserves a medal!

Out of all the accomplishments I’ve had in my life whether it be academic, business and career, or athletic, the thing I am most proud of is my relationship with my wife.

Don’t get me wrong, the last 20 years were no picnic. We’ve had several ups and downs, several fights and disagreements, and were far from having a perfect marriage (which btw is not even a standard that should exist). However, we never gave up on each other. We decided that we will continually improve, understand, and support each other as best as we can.

For me I realized that I had the emotional intelligence of a 7 year old (which most of us guys do have btw). I worked super hard at this, and can proudly say that I’m at least emotionally 12 years old now 🤷‍♂️

The quality of your life is directly corelated to the quality of your relationships, and no relationship is more important than the one with your significant other. It’s worth working on, and worth fighting for.

I’m more in love with my wife than I was when I first met her 29 years ago, and no there’s no magic chemistry or circumstances that created this. It was pure commitment to improve, and make sure that her needs are always my needs.

I have coached several couples now and am happy to report that many of them are just as passionate about their relationship now as when they first met. Don’t allow your relationship to decline, it’s worth fighting for!

#lifecoaching #relationshipcoaching #20yearstogether #togetherforever

Hey I’m Dave! The owner and founder of Pineapple Health

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🔸I've been married for 20 years and have a 3 year old daughter

🔸I love riding motorcycles

🔸I'm an avid golfer and snowboarder

🔸My favorite meal is a grass-fed rib-eye steak

🔸I started pineapple health to teach people how to live an optimal life

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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca I turn 48 today and am continuing my Benjamin Button lifestyle of aging backwards. I used to have the mindset that as you get older you just have to preserve and hang on to your health and longevity as much as you can, but eventually you see it slip away from you. Not anymore.

We know so much more about health and longevity now than we ever have, but unfortunately most of this knowledge has not been made known in mainstream health care. I have studied and practiced much of the health optimization and biohacking principles and continue to be amazed with the transformation of not only my body, but also my mind and emotions.

In this last year I have trained my mind and emotions to be in a beautiful emotional state no matter what terrible circumstances I may be going through. Incorporating a shift in perspective, gratitude practice, priming, and calming my mind through meditations and prayers.

Physically I have lost 25 lbs of body fat, and worked on much of the following:

🔹optimizing my sleep and recovery
🔹mastering the control that food and alcohol had over me
🔹Intermittent fasting
🔹incorporating many optimization techniques including red light, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, etc…
🔹chemical and metal detox
🔹hormonal balance
🔹stress management
🔹and overall living a high energy, anti-inflammatory lifestyle

I am watching my body improve over time, not decline. Not only do I not fear aging, I look forward to it as I believe my best days are still ahead of me, not behind.

I am not built any different than anyone else. You can do this too. Shift your mind, shift your perspective, shift your attitude, and take control of your life. Join me on my Benjamin Button protocol and let’s have our older self pics look better than our younger ones.

#healthoptimization #biohacking #foreveryoung #benjaminbutton #antiaging #agingbackwards

Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Dietary Don’ts part 4: Breakfast cereal

Before I move onto other big dietary don’ts, I’m going to pause here at cereal. What food group has my last 3 dietary don’ts combined in a neat package? Yup, cereal! This was created by big food companies (you can guess which ones) and marketed to all especially children, with colorful cartoon characters with “healthy” stamped all over the box, and with stamps of approval from many health organizations. This is one of the biggest deceptions in the food industry. They may as well call it breakfast candy, and parents, yes you are giving your child a bowl of candy for breakfast if they are still eating cereal.

For us as adults, for years I have been eating cereal. I wouldn’t do the kids sugary ones as I knew they were bad, instead I would do an organic, whole grain, no sugar bran based cereal and eat it with skim milk (read all my previous posts to understand why this is all bad). I did this for decades thinking this was good for me. One thing I would always notice though, after a great night’s sleep feeling fully refreshed, I would always crash right after my “healthy” cereal. I explored many health issues, blood work, hormone tests, etc… to try and resolve this crash. After I understood how bad cereal was, I stopped and immediately my crash went away.

There are some other alternatives out there, but most are simply not great, and none are really that ideal. What do I do when my 3 year old wants cereal just like all other kids? I give her a cereal called nuco coconut crunch (which is mostly good other than the starch they use) and the pea based unsweetened milk (ripple), with some frozen berries in it. She loves it, and doesn’t know any better. She has never even tasted the sugary cereals so she has no idea what she’s missing, and I hope to keep it that way.

#healthoptimization #biohacking #nutrition #diet #dairyfree #cerealfree

Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Dietary Don’ts part 3: Dairy

Sorry guys, Milk does NOT do a body good. Despite all of the milk ads out there saying that milk is a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals, milk wreaks havoc on our bodies.

It has many growth factors in it that can be an allergen, cause significant inflammation, and for some even trigger an autoimmune response. This can lead to accelerated aging, can contribute to certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, as well as weight gain.

We are the only species that drinks milk from another animal. Nature did not intend for us to drink milk from another animal, especially past our infancy stage.

If you must have milk, and will not give it up, the best form of milk believe it or not is non-pasteurized full fat milk. Fat is actually healthy for you despite all of the messaging out there (which I will discuss more in another post). Skim milk is the worst form of milk as it is basically fortified sugar water. If you must, the more the fat in your milk the better.

Some exceptions to dairy which are acceptable in moderate amounts are fermented forms of dairy, such as good full fat, organic yogurt and cheeses, and grass fed butter.

There are some milk alternatives that are better. We use a pea based milk called ripple (unsweetened version of course). There are pros and cons of some of the alternatives, but a big no-no is soy. Avoid soy milk if possible due to it’s estrogen-like compounds.

#healthoptimization #biohacking #nutrition #diet #dairyfree

There are many gaps in our health care system, and many people are placed in a chronic pain or illness category that don’t necessarily need to be there.  At Pineapple Health we have compiled a dream team of like-minded and established practitioners of all different disciplines, dedicated to achieving our mission.  While our mission may be bold, we believe it can be achieved if we are able to understand what is really making us ill, and how we can collaborate conventional and alternative treatments to get everyone living their life to its fullest.

All of us health professionals provide insights in addressing certain aspects of our bodies, however treatments may be fragmented as no one health professional has all of the answers, leaving missing pieces in your health care puzzle.  Our collaborative approach incorporating complex case managers, and health coaches ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.  If there’s a solution out there for you, we will be relentless in finding it.

Alleviating your symptoms and conditions is only one side of the coin.  That’s not where we stop.  The other side is not only keeping you pain and disease free, but also understanding what a truly optimized life really looks like.  A life where your body, mind, and soul are operating in its peak form, essentially becoming a super human!

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