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Posted @withregram • @drmoirakwoknd We've changed our name!

A couple of months ago, I came into the clinic and @drdavidlee.ca was a bit bummed out bc we received a letter that said that our original clinic name was trademarked. He had come up with a whole bunch of alternative options for the clinic but didn't LOVE any of them.

So I told him that if I were to start a clinic by myself, I'd name it Pineapple Health Clinic because:
🍍 Pineapples are a symbol for the fertility world
🍍 I love the quote by @katgaskin: “Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside"
🍍 And pineapples remind me of sandy beaches, sunshine, ocean, holidays and yummy drinks — essentially all good, fun and relaxing things!

And that's how the story of @pineapplehealth_to re-started

Drop a 🍍 below if you love our new name 👇

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Posted @withregram • @drmoirakwoknd Today can be a difficult day for many

To all of the moms out there who:
💗 Long to be mothers
💗 Hold their baby in their hearts
💗 Foster
💗 Adopt
💗 Have lost their mother
💗 Have lose their child
💗 Have strained relationships with their mother
💗 Have strained relationships with their child

I see you

Be gentle with yourself

I'm sending you love and strength today and every day

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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Part 6: Bottled water

OK, my last post on water I promise! All bottled water are not equal. Some are simply filtered tap water, while others come from natural springs in exotic parts of the world. The cost of these different brands can also vary drastically with some costing as little as $1, to some that can cost more that $10! However, I’m not here to discuss which bottle water is best for you to buy as I would ask you all to do your best to not by any of these.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy bottled water and I’m sure you’ve heard them all. Reasons ranging from the enormous cost, to the potential chemicals and toxicity in some of these, the toxic plastic contamination, as well as the enormous environmental toll that this can have on our planet.

I do my very best to ensure that I have enough clean drinking water in my reusable bottles with every activity I plan. If I’m on the golf course all day, I’ll have several liters of my own water that I’ll lug around. While I’m not perfect, and admittedly will buy bottled water when I didn’t adequately prepare, It’s rare that I do and only do so if I have no other option. Plan ahead for the sake of your health, and our environment.

#dontbuybottledwater #healthoptimization #biohacking

Group Virtual Weight Loss/Health Optimization Program

We are very pleased to announce that we have now added a group program. A more cost effective way vs the individual program, which has the added benefit of ongoing group support. Gather a group of your friends and/or co-workers and decide together that you have had it with being overweight and/or unhealthy! Change your life now and forever, and become the super human you were always meant to be.

Program includes:
🔹12 virtual weekly group coaching sessions with @drdavidlee.ca
🔹Ongoing group chat text support with coach @drdavidlee.ca
🔹3 individual Naturopathic sessions with @drmoirakwoknd
🔹Dutch hormone panel test
🔹Blood work panel
🔹Optional group training sessions with @adrianarentonrkin

Significant discounts for group organizer. Package based on 5 people. Custom group and corporate group rates also available.

For more detail visit our site at pineapplehealth.com/virtual-weight-loss

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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Thank you so much to my patient/coaching client, yoga guru @rachellewintzen founder of @chi_junky for paying me a visit and leaving me an amazing testimony 🙏🙏🙏

“David Lee is extremely knowledgeable in his field both in the physical and mental/emotional world. He has helped me in many ways and every session I have more takeaways to bring forth to help improve and support me as I navigate running a small business and life's everyday challenges.

He has helped me to see things more clearly and offers so much support. I can honestly say working with him is a pleasure, he is always positive, listens and supports in many ways. His approach is holistic and addresses the mind, body and spirit. I recommend his approach and working with him very much.”

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Posted @withregram • @drdavidlee.ca Water part 5: Hydrogenate your water

First of all, this next post is only for those of you wanting to dive into the super human category as I realize this is not for everyone. Hydrogenating your water maybe a more controversial one as you may find many conflicting opinions on this, some supporting it, and others saying there is insufficient evidence. On one side it can be touted as a miracle product with many benefits including reducing pain and inflammation, improving energy, cognitive function, exercise performance and recovery, accelerating healing, boosting immunity, and a great overall anti-aging supplement. On the other hand, you may have many people saying that this is another snake oil product that will do absolutely nothing for you.

I have heard experiences from people who take this and their response has also reflected both the pros and cons of this product as some swear by it, and some say it did nothing noticeable. I take it almost daily, and do notice an energizing effect when I do, however, hard for me to say if it directly has an impact on other aspects with me since there are many things I take and do, and generally feel great most of the time. However, since there is enough compelling evidence and testimony on its benefits, and the risks are virtually none, I continue to take it. As time goes on, you will likely hear more about this, and I suspect more positive outcomes and studies will surface.

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule on the planet and can infuse and support every cell in your body. There are many hydrogen tablets on the market. I am an affiliate and retailer with @waterandwellnessonline and carry their Active H2 Ultra product shown in this pic. To use, simply drop 1 or 2 tablets in your water, wait until it fully dissolves and drink quickly after it has.

If you are interested in trying DM me to purchase, or you can use the code pineapple10 to get 10% off of ActiveH2 Ultra at waterandwellness.com

#hydrogenwater #healthoptimization #biohacking

Introducing our new mascot Piney the Pineapple! Piney will be your social media guide and will help you navigate all activity with Pineapple Health, including many health optimizations, tips and treatments. Please send a wave in the comment box to welcome Piney! 👋 ...

There are many gaps in our health care system, and many people are placed in a chronic pain or illness category that don’t necessarily need to be there.  At Pineapple Health we have compiled a dream team of like-minded and established practitioners of all different disciplines, dedicated to achieving our mission.  While our mission may be bold, we believe it can be achieved if we are able to understand what is really making us ill, and how we can collaborate conventional and alternative treatments to get everyone living their life to its fullest.

All of us health professionals provide insights in addressing certain aspects of our bodies, however treatments may be fragmented as no one health professional has all of the answers, leaving missing pieces in your health care puzzle.  Our collaborative approach incorporating complex case managers, and health coaches ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.  If there’s a solution out there for you, we will be relentless in finding it.

Alleviating your symptoms and conditions is only one side of the coin.  That’s not where we stop.  The other side is not only keeping you pain and disease free, but also understanding what a truly optimized life really looks like.  A life where your body, mind, and soul are operating in its peak form, essentially becoming a super human!

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