Custom Knee Braces

Of all of the custom knee braces out there I have decided to go with Breg.  While they are not the most widely used of the braces out there, in my opinion they are the best.  They are more of a comfortable fit with many measurements taken to ensure the proper support.


  • Magnesium or aluminum frame options. Ultra lightweight or durable and rigid for individual patient needs
  • Multiple configurations for a customized fit. Standard Fit, Athletic Cut or Custom Manufacture allow a precise fit for nearly all patient legs
  • Independent and pivoting strap tabs. Pivoting tabs allow straps to contour to the leg for an enhanced fit, comfort and suspension
  • Low profile frame contours to the leg for comfort and stability
  • Sport model available with Hi Activity padding, D-Rings and PCL strap for full bodied support during impact activities

Dynamic Bracing

What makes Breg even more unique, is that they are the only custom knee brace with Dynamic stability for ligament damage and dynamic unloading for an Osteoarthritic knee (see videos below for more information).

What brace do I need?
Dynamic Ligament brace

‚ÄčThis brace is designed largely for ligament instability to help support all of your 4 main knee ligaments (ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL).  Used for partial of complete tear of any of these ligaments, or for extra stability post ligament operation.

Dynamic OA (OsteoArthritis) brace

For those that have significant degeneration in their knees and may potential require a full knee replacement.  This brace is one of a kind as it allows you to control how much pressure you can unload off of your knee.  This can significantly delay a knee replacement or possibly give you enough support and relief to not require one at all.

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