Dr David Lee

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Dr David Lee, BA, BSc, DC

Clinic Director, Chiropractor
Life / Health / Peak Performance Coach

As a Chiropractor, our Clinic Director has resolved many interesting and complicated cases over the years and has come to a point in his career where he enjoys tackling challenging cases deemed ‘unfixable’ by other health practitioners. Dr. Lee believes in results based medicine as much as evidence based medicine, and will exhaust every resource, including many of the various techniques and methodologies listed below to get you back to an active and pain free life. This emphasis on the first-line treatment of muscle and nerve dysfunctions for common and stubborn clinical cases has gained him an impressive list of clientele and referral system from medical colleagues throughout the city. 

As a Life / Health / Peak Performance Coach, Dr. Lee is certified through the Robbins-Madanes institute.  He has a young daughter and is happily married to his high school sweetheart who he has been with for over 28 years.  He has been a leader in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years as a chiropractor, personal trainer, and clinic director and owner.

Dr. Lee is passionate about health optimization and is a student of what really makes us sick, and how we can truly achieve optimal health.  He has conquered many physical milestones from amateur bodybuilding, semi-professional football player, low handicap golfer, and many other sports and activities.​

Dr. Lee has led many organizations both in the non-profit and business sectors and have actively studied leadership for over 20 years.​

Throughout his career he has personally interacted with thousands of people from all walks of life, anywhere from Bank CEOs, to professional athletes, to at risk youth.  Through his interactions and desire to help people, Dr. Lee has become a big student of human behavior and has observed that there are clear patterns of those who suffer, and those who thrive.  His goal is guide people from one end of this spectrum to the other and get everyone living their best possible life, and do it quickly!  


  • Doctor of Chiropractic (National University of Health Sciences)
  • Bachelor of Sciences (Waterloo University)
  • Bachelor of Arts Kinesiology (York University)
  • Certified Life Coach (Robbins-Madanes Institute)


  • Certified Life Coach (Robbins-Madanes Institute)
  • NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) level 1
  • NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) level 2
  • NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) level 3
  • Masters (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Upper Extremity (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Lower Extremity (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Nerve Entrapment (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Complex Protocols (ART) Active Release Technique
  • Upper Body (FDM) Fascial Distortion Model
  • Lower Body (FDM) Fascial Distortion Model
  • SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)
  • Custom Orthotics Certified

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