Functional Medicine

“Future physicians will integrate individual bits of evidence into a biologic system that extends from genes and the genome, proteins, cells, tissues and organs (internal elements) to the environment and society (external elements).”

Academic Medicine Magazine

This is my story and why I use Functional Medicine

I had an autoimmune condition that I struggled with since I was a teenager. If you are struggling with a disease that keeps persisting without a known conventional cure, I want to let you know that there is still hope, and that you may not need to continue to be plagued by your disease.

After I discovered Functional Medicine I implemented a gut-healing protocol, and was able to reverse my autoimmunity and chronic inflammation. I felt empowered and enlightened! It was not an easy, nor a linear process. I had to change my diet, I learned about my genes, I took vitamins, minerals, and herbs accordingly, and I was introduced to Yoga and spirituality as those were major tools in my healing path.

As a result of all of this, I was able to reverse my biological age which was a pleasant side benefit I am eternally grateful for. I am confident in my body, and I am not worried about crippled-aging due to Psoriasis.

If you want to address the root cause of your health issues with precision, then book your appointment with me at Pineapple Health and we will be happy to guide you through your own life transformational experience.

7 Principles of Functional Medicine

1. Systems Biology approach to your health

Your body is a brilliant complex system, with every system seen as an input, and output, with multiple feedback mechanisms capable of balancing with it’s surrounding environment.

We have several systems in the body including respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, etc… The problem with traditional medicine is that you have a separate physician for each of those systems.

The advantage with Functional Medicine is that you have one expert that connects the dots and understands the different relationships and associations of your genes, your environment, and your mindset, as opposed to teaching you how to live with a disease and simply manage your symptoms.

2. We assess and treat the underlying causes of your illness, not just addressing your symptoms

The tree illustrated above is deeply rooted in the soil, which is the equivalent of our environment. A healthy environment is crucial in order to have good health. Most people who are suffering with chronic diseases have imbalances in one or more of these factors: sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, relationships, stress and finances.

What you see above the ground are the branches, which are the expression of the different diseases. This is what traditional medicine addresses, with different pharmacological treatments and procedures, while the root cause remains unaddressed.

Most surgeons agree that 70-80% of the conditions they operate on are due to lifestyle choices. In Functional Medicine we address lifestyle, which is within your control, and can change and modify your future health outcome.

In order to help you succeed, we help you put together an empowered vision of your best self, allowing you to make new lifestyle choices and take full control of your health.

3. We provide individually tailored therapies because not one size fits all

Even twin siblings are not as similar as they appear.  Despite having similar DNA, they each have their own specific external characteristics, preferences, perceptions, and mood reactions to external stimuli.

This is because our genes are not our destiny. They can be turned on and off according to the environment. The environment that influences us the most typically comes from food which can drastically alter our gene expression. Twins can have drastically different expressions based on their lifestyle and food choices.

For example, If one twin eats a lot of candy and sugar, and overloads on carbs, they will have a toxic effect on the immune system, turning on a pro-inflammatory gene expression. By contrast, if you get the other twin to eat a variety of multicolor vegetables, that will cause the inflammatory genes to turn off and the anti-inflammatory genes to turn on.

Understanding your genetic profile and DNA makeup gives us an incredible advantage in helping us craft your lifestyle choices to achieve optimal health.

4. We restore your health and improve your function, you are not just “getting old”

Your body has an innate ability to heal. Unfortunately, we expose ourselves to many elements which hinder our bodies ability to recovery as needed. In order to have optimal health, we need to remove elements toxic to our body, and add elements required for us to thrive.

Elements we need to remove:

  • Poor diet (Sugar/refined carbs, trans fats)
  • Microbes (bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites, ticks)
  • Stress (physical, psychological)
  • Toxins (heavy metals, elemental, synthetic)
  • Toxins (heavy metals, elemental, synthetic)

Elements we need to thrive:

  • Organic multicolor Foods
  • Water
  • Movement
  • Connection
  • Vit & minerals
  • Air
  • Rhythm
  • Meaning
  • Light
  • Sleep
  • Love
  • Purpose

5. We perceive your health as positive vitality, not just the absence of disease

Being healthy:

  • is not the absence of a diagnosis. 
  • is waking up in the morning energized, able to focus on the meaning and purpose of our existence
  • is being creative and able to give and receive from others,
  • is having a smile on your face and having the body integrity to move freely from one point to another.
  • is having hope that the future is better than the past.

6. We understand your body as complex interconnected network in interaction with the environment, not a conglomerate of linear systems

Our biological systems are not as linear as we think. Although we study them individually to better understand how they work, the reality is that these systems are interconnected three-dimensional networks working around the clock.

These networks are in constant interaction with the environment, and they turn on or off according to the different factors that make the environment like food, temperature, and stress.

In Functional Medicine we use have a very powerful tool called the Functional Medicine matrix, which allows us to understand and organize your information, so that we can get to the root causes and restore function.

7- We provide enhancement of your organ reserves to help you reach your full potential

“Organ reserves” refers to the ability of an organ to successfully return to its original physiological state following repeated episodes of stress. Enhancement of your organ reserves is a form of wellness and health prevention that allows our bodies to regenerate. This is an ideal strategy utilized by many elite athletes to help in their recovery process, and should be implemented by all of us as well. Optimizing lifestyle choices such as drinking enough water, getting enough quality sleep, proper light exposure, ensuring proper nutrients etc… can change your gene expression in your organs and aid in reversing the aging process.

What can Functional Medicine help you with?

Diagnostic Tests

Utilizing several “unconventional” tests to help us better understand your unresolved health issues and optimize your health. Dozens of test available including DNA genomics, hormones, GI mapping, metal toxicity, micronutrient levels, food sensitivity, and much more…

Body Composition Counselling

Know exactly where you stand with your body composition. Utilize our state of the art body composition machine and know precisely what your water, fat, and bone percentage is to help evaluate your cellular health.

Sleep Counselling

Great sleep is a must for optimal health. Learn how to get great quality sleep naturally incorporating supplements, natural herbs, Cannabis, and utilizing proper sleep hygiene.

Immune System Counselling

Your immune system stems from your gut. Understand the root cause of your autoimmune disease by optimizing your gut flora, and utilizing many nutritional and dietary strategies to combat inflammation.

Gut Health Counselling

Rehabilitate your gut utilizing food and supplements to help you combat your digestive ailments including acid reflux, chronic constipation, diarrhea, IBS, and chronic or recurrent abdominal pain.

Cardiometabolic Counselling

Take control of your vital signs utilizing diet, supplements, weight management, and lifestyle modifications to combat the most common disease including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Chronic Pain Management

Understand the role that inflammation plays as the root cause of your pain, and eliminate it utilizing diet, supplements, Cannabis, and mindset training.

Cannabis misuse Counselling

Learn how to use Cannabis properly according to your needs and tolerance. Learn the difference between CBD and THC, and how to best utilize them to address addictive behaviors, and control cravings.

Mood Counselling

Understand and control your stress response by balancing your nervous system. Learn how to eliminate anxiety and depression, and improve your relationships, and brain performance.

Functional Medicine Packages

Number of sessions (55 mins)PriceTests IncludedOverall savings
6 visit bundle$1350N/A$150
6 visit with Body Composition bundle$15303 Body composition test$370
12 visit bundle$2700DNA genomics test$800

Note: price does not include HST and is typically not covered by most health insurance companies

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