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naturopathic medicine in Toronto

Do you have a health issue that conventional medicine has not been able to adequately address? Do you prefer a natural option of treatment vs the pharmaceutical route? Do you feel a bit “off” even though medically everything has checked out OK? If so, you are among a growing movement of people turning towards Naturopathic medicine seeking alternative, non-pharmaceutical therapies for their health issues.

When you first sit down with a naturopathic doctor, you’ll notice the following differences from your other medical appointments:

  • We spend a lot of time together to thoroughly hear your entire health journey
  • We look at your whole health history (both past and present) to figure out what the root cause/causes are that contribute to your current state of health
  • We analyse your blood work with a fine tooth comb and discuss how it’s all related and what the optimal goals are from a prevention standpoint
  • We spend a lot of time thoroughly explaining your treatment plan
  • We use natural options for treatment that can be any combination of the following: nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, botanicals, acupuncture and/or IV therapy

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Moira Kwok ND if you have any questions.  

You can also schedule a free 15 min meet & greet appointment to ask her questions about naturopathic medicine and her treatment approach.

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