Own your breath and own your Life

Adriana Renton B.A.Sc, R,Kin, FST, FRCms
Kinesiologist, Fascial Stretch Therapist
Personal Trainer and Movement Specialist

We can survive 3 weeks without food. We can survive 3 days without water.

Most of us cannot survive 3 minutes without a breathe.

Our breathe is the most abundant form of energy that we have access to…and it’s FREE!!

A common goal I hear from you is, “I would like to have more energy throughout the day.” Own your breathe and you will have more! 

Start by acknowledging your ventilation rate and return it to what is known as perfect breath, a 5 count inhalation and 5 count exhalation. Complete 5 repetitions of cyclical 5/5 count breathes. You will have more mental clarity, emotional regulation, energy and own your nervous system.

Own your breath and own your life!

We use ~35% of our lung capacity when we speak. Not a passing grade. Therefore, in the in between moments of conversation we should calibrate our lungs to utilize 60%…..80% …..and continue to their potential!!

When we breathe, we use the 600 million sacks in our lungs called alveolar, for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Speaking typically elicits a respiratory rate of 12-20 breathes/min where our alveolar do not have time to fully inflate. If stretched out, the total surface area of lungs would be about the same size as half a tennis court! But if they are consistently utilized at a constricted ~35-50%, we are not performing optimally.

Utilize more lung capacity > increase lung surface area > increase oxygen saturation in the body> increase energy!

After the 5 perfect breathes (5 sec inhale, 5 sec exhale) try adding an extra “sniff” through your nose once you have hit the end range of your 5th inhale. Then exhale as slowly as possible to elongate the myo-fascial stretch of your lung capacity. This extra “sniff” at your inhale end range will allow for your alveolar to plump up and increase air absorption!

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