Success of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Chronic Stress-related Illnesses

Jumy Kim R.TCMP, R.Ac., B.Sc., MA.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traffic Jams

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the philosophy that stress, anxiety, depression, or any strong emotion has the potential to interrupt the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Chinese medical theory states that this energy flows through our body by a network of “roads” similar to a highway system. Stress, anger, or any intense emotion is believed to block the free flow of energy throughout this bodily network, analogous to a traffic jam on the highway. To carry this analogy further, stress is also able to affect secondary structures of our body (i.e. digestion, sleep, blood pressure) just like how a block on the highway is able to affect secondary roads that feed into or out the affected area. 

Chronic Stress-Related Illnesses

Stress-related illness can be defined as any illness whose root cause can be attributed to chronic excessive release of stress-related neurotransmitters. Such illnesses can include anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia, hypertension, stroke, myocardial infarction, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as less clearly medically defined problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and even some auto-immune diseases. 

Individuals experiencing various levels of stress regularly complain of upper back shoulder and neck pain. According to TCM, the tension resulting from stress acts like a roadblock, blocking  the free flow of energy throughout the body, thereby causing pain and tightness, often leading to pain, including headaches.

How Does Acupuncture Help?

From a Western viewpoint, acupuncture works to alleviate stress by releasing natural pain-killing chemicals in the brain, called endorphins. In addition, acupuncture improves blood circulation throughout the body, which oxygenates the tissues and releases toxin into the blood for elimination. Acupuncture is also able to decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and relax muscles. Similar to any health care treatment, including drugs , each individual will respond differently to acupuncture. However, a growing number of people are claiming multiple benefits from acupuncture treatment of their chronic stress-related illnesses such as increased energy, deeper sleep, and relaxed muscles to name a few.

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