Virtual Weight Loss / Health Optimization Program

Weight loss is not as simple as eat better and exercise more.  Even if it were, most of us still fail as the main problem is behavioral modification, or having underlying health factors that can sabotage our efforts.

Many of us say we eat healthy, or at least know what eating healthy means, however modern research has shown that what most of us view as a healthy diet is far from what is actually healthy.  What we have been bombarded with in many ads and food guides as a healthy diet can in fact be the opposite of what, and how we should really be eating.

In addition, there are many other health factors including hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation, improper exercises and techniques that may be further sabotaging our efforts.

Learn how to not only shed your body of excess body fat, but also how to optimize your health to become a super human!  If we guide your path, shatter your negative reinforcement patterns and beliefs, and show you a way that is not only sustainable, but also enjoyable, you will forever be on a path where your best years will be ahead of you, not behind you.

Learn in days what many of us health professionals took decades to figure out.  No rigid food diaries, calorie counting, or gimmicks that may help you in the short term, but make you worse in the long run.  Proper coaching, guidance, testing, and mind set reorientation to ensure that you will not only never gain excess body fat again, but you wouldn’t be able to even if you wanted!

  • Weekly coaching sessions to go through everything from diet, exercise, sleep, stress, behavior modification, and all things health, wellness, and optimization.
  • Naturopath sessions to cover hormones, supplementation, gut health, and all other health issues.
  • Hormonal and blood work panel tests
  • Optional 12 weeks of tailored training sessions to sculpt your body and ensure proper training technique, muscle engagement, and injury prevention.

3 month package includes:

  • 12 weekly virtual mindset/life coaching sessions with Dr. David Lee
  • 3 virtual Naturopathic sessions (1 hour initial, and two 45 min follow ups) with Dr. Moira Kwok
  • 1 Dutch Hormonal test
  • “The works” blood panel including CBC, organ functions, electrolytes, glucose, insulin, inflammatory markers, and nutrients.


  • 12 virtual personal training sessions with Adriana Renton Registered Kinesiologist – 3 x 4 week blocks of programming tailored to your fitness level in your home or at the gym.

Package Cost

$3000 (Normally valued at $3570, $570 in savings)

Note:  HST is applied to $2600 for coaching package and tests, Naturopathic receipts issued for visit costs ($400)

Add virtual training
$780 + HST (normally valued at $900, $120 in savings)

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