Vitamin IV Therapy

vitamin IV therapy in Toronto

Why Vitamin IV Therapy?

  • 100% Readily Available
  • Fast Acting
  • Direct Nutrient Absorption

All of the IV nutrients are specially compounded from a licensed compounding pharmacy in Toronto.  Each IV bag is specially compounded at the clinic and customised for that individual patient.

Naturopathic doctors in Ontario obtain further training and licensing exams in order to offer IV therapy to their patients.

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Moira Kwok ND if you have any questions.  

You can also schedule a free 15 min meet & greet appointment to ask her questions about IV therapy and her treatment approach.


IV Boosters

Booster Prices
(in addition to IV bag)

1 Booster$25
2 Boosters$45
3 Boosters$60
4 Boosters$70

Our IV Therapist

our IV therapist

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